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Try our mortgage calculator on the right: it allows you to estimate your mortgage payments by entering:

  • The total cost of the home
  • An interest rate (fixed rate)
  • The amortization period
  • A down payment amount

The payment result will be displayed in the form result – very simply and very easy to follow! 🙂

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  1. Point of Pride: As said above, having a place that one can call their own gives a sense of accomplishment like no other. It is a huge milestone in everyone’s life and it is a point of pride. 
  2. A Savings Plan: Buying home is easier said than done. Many take out a Home Loan for it but instead of looking at monthly EMI as a payment you can look at it as a saving that you have done for you and your family’s future; for lifelong safety & security. 
  3. A Buyer’s Market: Today, the market is all about the need of the customer. You can get the product in exact way you want it and that too in your budget in most cases ! It’s a Buyer’s Market and there is no need to settle for anything lesser than you desire. 
  4. Good for You Peace of Mind: Having a roof over your head is a necessity but when it is a rented property there is a constant worry of paying the rent and many restrictions by the owners. But when the property is yours these worries are lessened instantly. You can live life on your terms and freely make as many improvments as you want. 
  5. It Comes with Tax Benefit: Home owners with recent home loans are eligible for tax benefit. Real estate taxes are deductible which means the interest you pay on your mortgage is deducted from your taxable income. 
  6. A Stable Asset & A Necessity: The recent pandemic has shown us all the importance of having a property of your own. Owning a house rather than renting it means a stability in the time of chaos. One can also look at it as an investment which will definitely benefit at the time of need as you can take a mortgage loan against it or even sell it if the need arose. 
  7. All Time Low Interest Rates: The pandemic shook the world and almost everything was affected. Many things have completely changed and others a bit. One tiny change with huge benefit is that the interest rates on Home Loans have gone down like never before! This means you can look at the bigger property then you might have thought before the pandemic. 
    Owning a house means a safe place for you and your family, a place to make memories, a place to share your happiness and worries. So, what are you waiting for? There is no time like now to buy the house of your dreams.
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